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Walk-In Tubs

Northern Virginia Walk-In Tubs

Accidents happen, especially for older adults. As we age the chances of having any type of slip and fall accident greatly increases for a variety of reasons. Our balance changes, it becomes more difficult to move around, etc.

And as we age, or prepare to take on the needs of an aging parent, it's important to safeguard our homes. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, but bathroom slips and falls are at the top of the list when researching the statistics.

In fact, 70% of slip and fall accidents occur in the bathroom and about every 2.3 seconds, a senior over the age of 65 takes a fall. These falls can result in hip fractures or worse.

Safeguarding the Bathroom for Seniors

There are many ways to give a bathroom a safety upgrade. Here are a few ideas to consider when giving your home's bathroom a safety upgrade:

  • Walk-In Tub: What exactly is a walk-in tub? If you've never heard of a walk-in tub, it's just like a walk-in shower except that it's a bathtub! You no longer have to forego a relaxing bath by installing a walk-in shower to stay safe.
    Instead, you can install a MediTub, allows seniors or anyone with mobility difficulties to walk into the tub without falling and then closing the featured door to enjoy a leisure bath.
    The wonderful thing about the MediTub is that not only is it easier to enter and exit the bathtub without falling, but there's built-in seating making it easy to get up when you're ready to exit.
  • Railings: Railings can be installed anywhere you'd like in your bathroom, but they're particularly helpful next to toilet seats and in the shower. These are the areas of the bathroom most prone to slips, trips, and falls.
  • Toilet Upgrade: Consider the installation of a "taller" toilet. When installing a new "taller" toilet, it is recommended to go with a toilet that's approximately 16-1/2 inches high. Taller toilets are particularly useful for seniors with balance issues and arm strength or leg strength difficulties.
  • Handle Grips: For seniors suffering with arthritis or strength issues, consider switching out the handles in your bathroom for modern lever-style handles. These types of handles make it easier for seniors or anyone with arm strength difficulties to grasp.
  • Floor Upgrades: When it comes to making the flooring in your bathroom safer, it's generally ideal to eliminate throw rugs as they tend to be "trip factors." To avoid slips and falls in the bathroom, consider investing in new flooring that meets the "slip-resistance" standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Other Ways to Make the Bathroom Safer

Avoid getting the floor wet or obstructing the pathway of a senior by leaving things on the floor that could easily become trip hazards. Keep the floor neat, tidy, and dry. Sufficient lighting is also crucial in keeping a bathroom safe for seniors. Make sure the lighting is sufficient. As seniors age, vision tends to deteriorate as well and this is why it's important to keep the lighting in and around the home well-lit to help reduce the chances of slips, trips, and fall.

To learn more about giving your bathroom a safety upgrade with Northern Virginia Walk-In Tubs or to request a FREE estimate with NOVA Exteriors, contact us today!

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